You are wickedly talented, yet your online presence does not reflect your level of awesome. Your website is cringeworthy and your “online look” is très boring. Random. Dull. So not you. [Totally not you.]

So now you’re ready to step up your game and let the world see just how freaking fabulous you really are! You need a little help connecting the dots to grow your brand, share your talents and expertise online in a practical and uber-stylish way. 

And guess what?  This is what I do!  


I’m LéKeisha Lopez…actor and entrepreneur. I enjoy helping creativepreneurs (like you) land dream projects and clients, book more gigs, share your gifts, and increase sales.

My background is in the performing arts and for the last 10 years I have worked online in the digital media and marketing space. I love blending my creative and artistic talents with business and new media.  


I work with my web clients in these 2 distinct ways:

  • I help my clients one-on-one with website, digital media strategy, and content creation.  
  • I give creativepreneurs the goods and empower them to stylishly DIY through my Create Your Own Awesome Website course and creative mini-courses. 

If you’re ready to step up your digital media game (and get access to my best web, content creation, and marketing tips) click here.


Wanna know more about me (the personal deets), keep reading…


I’m very passionate about the theater and performing arts, style, healthy living, and all things “family”!

I love being my authentic, slightly silly, always honest, artsy-meets-intellectual self.

I am pretty much an HGTV junkie, I am a shoe-aholic, and I google just about everything. 

One KEY fact about me:  I am ALL about creating a healthy work-life balance and here’s why:

I am a young widow and as a result, a single parent. Losing my husband, my children losing their father, created an incredible level of change and an outlook on life that is indescribable. I love love the daily adventures, challenges, and blessings of being a mom to two amazing tiny humans!

It’s a challenging experience for sure, but it’s also one that has helped define the road ahead. I am now equipped, driven to design an amazing life for my children and I, and am in a position to share my own talents and expertise to help others.  

I believe that things happen for a reason.  

I am living proof that we are often much stronger than we think we are.

I love life, walk by faith, and I enjoy being of help to others. 



(… these “official bio’s” have always been a tad awkward talking about myself in 3rd person, whatevs here goes:)

LéKeisha Lopez is a creative artist and entrepreneur, who provides web design, content creation, digital media strategy services and do-it-yourself courses.  LéKeisha comes from a background in the creative and performing arts, and for the last 10+ years she has worked in the digital media and marketing space.  She attended University of Southern California and has earned a bachelors degree in Integrated Marketing & Communications.

LéKeisha is a mother of two, a widow, a woman of faith, and a true lover of life.