5 Simple Color Tips for DIY Graphics

Here are 5 simple color tips for your DIY graphics!  Making your own graphics can be fun.  Be sure to follow these simple color tips so your graphics are easy-to-read AND look good! 

Some of these tips may seem like Captain Obvious…but you’d be surprised how often they’re overlooked by DIYers. 


Tip #1. Use darker text colors on light backgrounds or photos. This will make it easier to read the text. 



Tip #2. Use lighter text colors on dark backgrounds or photos. Again, to make it easier to read the text. 

Create your own graphics color tips



Tip #3.  If your photo or background is “busy” (there’s a lot of visual elements/patterns), use a very simple font and go with basic colors, like black or white as your text color.  This is so that your text does not compete or get drowned out by your busier photo background.

Color tips for DIY graphics and tips on using color on text



Tip #4. This actually goes with #3 above, but if your background is on the busier side (patterns/elements/etc) use a shape as an overlay or barrier between your text and your background.  This helps your text stand out on top of the busier background image.  Also, remember to use contrast so if you have a dark shape, use light text and vice versa.

Color tips for making your own Graphics. DIY Graphics



Tip #5. You can use an accent color to help emphasize  a specific word or words on your text. You can increase the size of a word/words. You can also bold or italicize for emphasis. (Just don’t go too crazy with this. lol)

5 Color Tips for Graphics for the non-designer