I am a firm believer in living our everyday life in a state of gratitude.  Does this mean feeling happy and jolly every single second of every single day? Absolutely not.  Life shows up, unexpected things happen, that’s the way it is.  Whether some genius cuts you off on the road or you forget your wallet and don’t realize it until you’re at the register at Starbucks– stuff happens!  Making the choice to be in a state of gratitude allows us to think beyond ourselves, to elevate our energy levels, and to give conscious thought to what is occurring in our lives and all around us. 

Being Grateful Having An Attitude of Gratitude

Here’s a real situation in my own life that I want to share.  My youngest child started Kindergarten this new school year and while he does great once school starts, the morning drop-off has been uber tough.  He just “wants to go home with Mommy”. (Awwwe)  Some mornings he pouts and makes the saddest little face, other mornings we’ve had full-fledged waterworks.  


You see those kids happy and skipping along off to Kindergarten? Yeah…NO, not my son.  In truth, separationanxiety at this age is very normal, I mean my little guy was only 4 years old when the new school year started.  While he did previously have a full year in preschool, the first several months involved crying at the morning drop-off.  This is isn’t my first time at rodeo so I have been trying to hold it together and remind myself that things will improve with time.  But still, leaving school in the morning with one of my kids crying, is not easy– actually it sucks.  

So even at that moment when I’m near tears because he’s in tears, I shift my mind towards that state of gratitude. No matter how frustrated, irritated, or saddened I may feel at that moment I begin to think about what I am grateful for.  

It could be that I’m grateful to be the one taking my kids to school each morning.  

It could be that I know my kids have amazing teachers and will have great experiences at school.  It could even be that I’m grateful to have some time to myself, to get what I need to get done, less distractions, etc.  

The point here is, instead of getting stuck in that feeling of sadness or even frustration, I remind myself that it will continue to get better.  And you know what? Every day after school when I pick him up, he is happy, excited, and has lots to share about his day. (And that big hug and kiss is pretty awesome too!)  

 Gratitude…It’s all in the Attitude!

It is in those moments that I realize that “being in a state of gratitude” causes me to be even more grateful!  I realize that gratitude is not just a state of being–> it can be (and in my opinion, should be) a way of living.

As I begin thinking about all these big and little things that I am so grateful for, it reminds me how truly blessed I am.  This does not mean that my life is without challenges or that everything is roses or dipped in chocolate.  What it DOES mean, is that by giving thanks and being grateful I am putting out an energy that is humble yet confident, that is full of faith and expectancy.  That state of mind translates in how I speak, how I look, and in what actions I take.  

I constantly remind myself that we are all creators.  If you’re a person of faith, you know that God created us in his image therefore we are creators.  Even if you’re not a believer, the same is true.  

Everything we think, everything we speak, everything we do is a creation.  

So what are you creating for yourself, for your family, your community, for our world? Leave a comment below and tell me what you are grateful for!