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Ever have one of those moments where everything is just swirling around in your head and you feel completely and totally overwhelmed? Overworked? And flat out over it all?? Oh…what is it just me?

Seriously as a woman, a mom, an entrepreneur, and a sort of spacey artsy creative type—I feel like my brain is constantly moving at warp speed, or is it the speed of light? Sigh. The truth is, sometimes I feel like my mind is in a galaxy far, far away… (Cue the Star Wars intro music)… 

Honestly though, I don’t mind so much that my brain works like a powerhouse hard-drive in the best computer ever. Ha.

What is driving me nuts is the chaos in there!

Where’s the organization and preparedness that I crave?

Why is it that I start on time and end up running late?  

Or have you ever walked out the house with two of the most beautiful high heels on your feet…only to realize later that they are not a matching pair?



Well I know I’m not the only out there!  So for a bit of comedic relief I had to watch this clip with my girl SJP in “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. Check it out: 



So are you totally feeling me now?  The truth is, I love my life and all of its many many moving parts. But every now and then I need to “power down” and just reset.  One of the great things is, I’ve got good ish swirling around up there (in my head, duh…try and keep up). It’s really more a matter of focus and prioritizing.  

Are there a kazillion things I want to get done? Yes. 

Can I get them all done at one time?  No.

So stop tripping LeKeisha, get down to some action-taking and back to doing what you do!  Okay, okay so what does that mean?
As you may know (you really should know) that I am a HUGE fan of Marie Forleo and she has an incredible video about how to deal with overwhelm.  She basically walks you through an exercise to help you literally clear your mental whitespace.  It is very cool and very effective.  Check out the video below…

I just finished the exercise (again) and boy oh boy I feel like I lost a couple of pounds! Ok not literally but I swear my shoulders feel lighter, my head is clearer, and I’m ready to rock! Ok just watch the darn video (below).


Did you watch the video? More importantly did you do the exercise? If not, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. Just take the 10 minutes to clear your mind by writing down all those things in your head, your back-burner, and your shoulders.  Get it down on paper, so you can focus…and prioritize… Go forth!

As always, leave a comment below tell me what you thought about the exercise, the blog post, or my girl SJP…