How to Save Money At Target


If you know me you know that I absolutely love sharing tips and tools that make my everyday life easier and especially about putting more money in my pocket!  

That is definitely what this post is about!

So yesterday I was chatting/texting with my cousin and we were discussing back-to-school shopping. I was telling her that I love shopping at Target because, well it’s awesome (and who doesn’t love shopping at Target anyway)?

But also because I can use my Target RED debit card (not a credit card, no financing) and I get 5% discount off each purchase.  Then she says, “I know! You are using cartwheel too right”? (insert blank, slightly panicky face here) 

No I was not up on Cartwheel.  But I am now. And now so are YOU!

Target’s Cartwheel offers exclusive discounts and coupons on products in addition to sales and the regular manufacturer or Target coupons! YES that’s right, ADDITIONAL savings.  Are you about this life yet? LOL 




The Cartwheel app is available on iPhone and Android phones! So let’s say you’re in the store and want to check if there are additional savings on paper towels or your favorite moisturizer, just scan the barcode of the product with your Cartwheel app and BAM that additional discount will be applied to your purchase at the register!

So here’s where it gets a-mazing.  

Let’s say you want an item you need (and normally buy) like Tide liquid detergent. It is currently on sale for $10.00 (regular price $11.99), you use the 5% off Cartwheel coupon, the $1.00 off coupon from this week’s mailer, the $1.00 store coupon, plus the 5% off for using your Target RED debit card.

Now your Tide detergent which would normally be $11.99 + tax is now $7.00 + tax!  That’s a GOOD deal! 

So how do you get your additional savings at Target?

Step 1.  Sign up for a Target RED debit card (not a credit card, no interest no financing, it deducts from your checking account). You always get 5% off all purchases. 

Step 2. Sign up for the Target Cartwheel account ( can use a computer or mobile device to sign up). New offers and coupons are loaded all of the time!

Step 3. Download the app on your phone.  Nothing better than being able to access what you need right at your fingertips!

Be sure to use any printable, digital, mailer, and catalina coupons for your items, to get the additional savings!  

You’re all set! Remember, that money you save can be used for fun money, added to your savings, used for gifts or entertainment, or even to donate to a worthy person/cause. 

Check out this super cute (and short) Target Cartwheel video that shows how to use it: